Inherited fields for variants

Hi all,

We found one case, probably not considered since old times, related to data inheritance to variants.

Here few questions occurs:

  1. Articles have few options (in Extended tab), like Intangible Product, freeshipping, and other (checkbox type options, which can be inherited):
    Now for Variant articles - such options are inherited from Parent article.
    But we have a bug:

The request is quite reasonable, but when you start think about it - it gets complicated.

This case is easy to fix, if:

  • Parent - “Intangible Product” = False",
  • Variant - “Intangible Product” = True"
    …then the difference of Variant comparing to Parent is clear.

But what to do if vice versa:

  • Parent - “Intangible Product” = True",
  • Variant - “Intangible Product” = False"

In such case Variant’s “False” can be interpretted in two ways:

  • as difference comparing to Parent, or
  • as agreement, that option should be inherited from Parent

It seems that solution for this case is very specific for each shop and may depend even on some particular articles. So we think that this is very good place for customizations from client’s/partner’s side for particular shop.

And from default eShop side best solution would be to keep current functionality: - All such fields are inherited from parent-article.

Best regards,
Dainius Bigelis


I Agree! :slight_smile:

There is technically no way to prevent the following (constructed ;)) situation – and it makes also no sense to implement such restrictions:

Make a parent. Let’s say a screw:
[li]o Title: Screw
[/li][li] Description: Cool screw
[/li][li] Price: 0,05 ct
[/li][li] Shortdescription: Without this screw no motor can work

Then create a variant, just change some fields:
[li] Titel: Set of screws – including 4 wheels, a motor and everything you need to drive really fast on german highways
[/li][li] Description: Has cool screws
[/li][li] Price: 60.000 EUR
[/li][li] Shortdescription: Mercedes Benz, 272 PS, goes 300 and more

You see? Technically no problem at all, but does it makes sense? No!

If you use variants in a way that’s not supposed to be used you have to expect unusual results ;). So I suggest to make better documentation to tell people what works, what shall work and what they shall write modules for :slight_smile: