Install/Debug PayPal Module for CE 4.6 version

Hi all,

I have been a member of the forum for some time but find myself requiring paid help as a result of the lack of free help. :slight_smile:

My PayPal module stopped working after several years of faultless operation. When I say stopped working, I mean it actually deactivates itself.
If you re-activate it, seconds later it deactivates again.

Whilst trying numerous workarounds and other solutions, I think I have messed up the module’s installation.

I would like to hire someone with OXID experience that is familiar with the PayPal module and how to correctly install it. Note: The PayPal version I use is off the GitHub and was designed by Spurvis - 6vC and has the ability to also take credit cards. I have the necessary modules though and I just need help loading it and if it doesn’t work, then debugging it.

Happy to use Skype, TeamViewer or whatever medium you prefer to handle this project. To catch my attention, message me +61 416282596 and my direct email is [email protected]

Thanks in advance

I have now taken the plunge and upgraded to CE 4.10, which works great plus I had the help ,of a senior engineer who has put me on the path to wellness again.