Installation Issues


first, very good idea to publish this system unser GNU.

Now, I have installed the current version on my MAMP (the MAC-Version of XAMP). System-requirements are ok, and the whole installation was no problem at all. I am now able to run the backend, but when clicking any of the links in the frontend (i.e. products, categories, imprint etc) there is a 404-error (“the file xxy.html is not on the server”)

Can somebody help me with this???



Hi Jens,

pls. check if

  • mod_rewrite module is installed and loaded
  • in httpd.conf -> AllowOverride is not set to “None”


i think there are problems with the .htaccess file or mod_rewrite.
do you know, if the mod_rewrite module is activated in the mamp installation?
maybe this is the problem?
if you google “mod_rewrite + mamp” you should find an answer how to activate this module

I´m too late :wink:
good luck! :slight_smile:

Hi marcus&marvin,

thanks for the fast reply ;). I will check this out this evening and post the results, ok?



Is it possible to disable the SEO URL feature?

naa, unfortunately, it isn’t. Would you like to exactly explain what this might be useful for, I could enter it to our backlog.

Hi Marco,

yes, you were right - I’ve had to fix the htaccess in which the correct path to rewriteBase had to be made. Now my first concern was solved.

But when I am now in the adminpanel and try to edit an order, I am promted with the same effect 0(

Went to “manage orders (Bestellungen verwalten) -> list_orders (Bestellübersicht)”. Here I’m cklicking the tab “articles (Artikel)”. Now, when trying to add another article I get the message “The requested URL /oxid/admin/offline.html was not found on this server”.

Did I miss something???


Hi Marvin, hi markus,

in the meantime I have changed the htaccess in the way, that I have deleted the first two lines there. (I have read this tip in another forum). Unfortunately with some effect, but still not able to edit orders.

What’s happening in detail: Following the way written above, I can now call the Tab “Artikel” Here I can see the posted order,( btw without prices???!!!). My testing is, now to add an Article-Number and press "Artikel hinzufügen). Nothing chages???

By clicking the tab “Übersicht”, the placed order ist shown (again - without prices???) Next ist, when cklicking the tab “Stamm” the errormessage like in tmy previous posting appears, and from there on it’s the same on every other tab.

Pleas could somebody help me??

Thank you,


the same message (404) appear if you try to go on tabs of an order, especially when you only have only 1 order.

Clicking on the tabs with produce the error.

Adding a second order (by placing an order via shopping) will fix the issue for the first order, but will reappear for the second one.

I suppose here some problems with the AJAX parameters.

Will try to have a deeper look at it.