Installtion With Joomla

Currently I have a Joomla website with Virtuemart installed. My site is not live yet and I’m selling just a few ietms so I thought I’d give Oxid esales shopping cart CE a try. How do I install this for my Jooomla site? Do I uninstall Virtuemart and then FTP Oxid files to root folder? Would I need to install another database sinse I already have VM installed? :confused: Thanks for your help.

Hi Designfrog,

VM is not a standalone application like OXID eShop is. VM is installed as a Joomla plugin. Thus, a simple replacement of the VM files is not possible as long as there is no interface for Joomla2OXID yet.
Maybe you want to have a look at OXID’s CRM functions, depends on what you have in mind.


Sandy if you have special questions to get you started we can also talk about your migration in the shirtnetwork skype support chat :wink:

Sorry I’m just getting back to the forum. Thank you both!