Just launched: OXIDforge, the OXID Community Lab

The aim of the new site is to have a collaboration platform for all developers and any other members of the OXID community.

Our first goal with OXIDforge was to collect all relevant information on OXID eShop in a Wiki and to grow the content base with the community’s help. We implemented the Wiki with MediaWiki, an Open Source software that, as you all might now, is the technology behind Wikipedia.

In a next step, we’ll extend the Wiki to further open up the development process of OXID eShop, getting your valuable input, for example via Wiki pages where you can vote for new features to be added and other pages where feature requests could be specified.

We also plan to integrate Launchpad or GForge as a tool for our developers community to create, share and collaborate on OXID modules, themes, patches and more.

Please also note our developer mailing lists that have been introduced together with OXIDforge.

You are welcome to participate in the OXID community at OXIDforge, the OXID Community Lab!

Marco Steinhäuser
Community Guide
OXID eSales AG


during the last view weeks we realized that people hesitate from entering new pages on OXIDforge. So we simplified things :slight_smile:

We installed a MediaWiki plugin that allows to create a new page from a simple to handle user interface. Have a look at the screen shot!