Language specific characters in pdf


Can not get Lithuanian specific characters ąčęėįšųž in the pdf invoice. Everywhere else in the shop those are displayed correctly except pdf file.

I found a hint in the forum:

Hier die Lösung:

Klasse: FPDF (core -> fpdf)

In der Funktion (Zeile 608):

folgende Zeile einfügen:

function Text($x,$y,$txt){ //Output a string $txt = utf8_decode($txt);

But it did not help, still all lithuanian charakters are displayed as ???

Can somebody point me to the right direction

Thank you


yes, we checked it and you are right. Obviously, the 3rd party library FPDF does not support UTF-8 yet. We have to find another library that fits the technical needs as well as the needs from the license perspective. Any ideas from the community?


Marco Steinhäuser
Community Guide
OXID eSales AG

with the new Patch 4.1.2-18998 everything works now

Thanks a lot