Layout - Nachrichten

Hi again,

Is it possible to show the ‘Nachrichten’ on everypage of the shop? I moved 2 items in _header.tpl () (Nachrichten&Topseller). Unfortunately, once one starts to navigate in the shop, the content of the 2 items dissapear. It looks like both count($oxcmp_news) and $oView->getTop5ArticleList() return 0 in any other page than the homepage of the shop.
Below the code for the 2 items inclusion in the _header.tpl

<div class=“middle”>
<img src="[{$oViewConf->getImageUrl()}]top_middle.jpg" alt="[{$oxcmp_shop->oxshops__oxtitleprefix->value}]">
[{ if count($oxcmp_news) > 0 }]
[{ include file=“inc/cmp_news.tpl”}]
[{ /if}]
<div class=“right”>
<img src="[{$oViewConf->getImageUrl()}]top_right.jpg" alt="[{$oxcmp_shop->oxshops__oxtitleprefix->value}]">
[{ if $oView->getTop5ArticleList() }]
<div class=“box”>
<div>[{include file=“inc/top_items.tpl” }]</div>
[{ else “no article found”}]
[{ /if }]


Hi again,

I found the solution for Nachrichten - it was an option in the Shop’s settings that was checked ‘nur auf der Startseite anzeigen’

The problem remains open for the top_items

Thanks again,

Hi L.

thanks for the feed back. I just wonder why you don’t work with the English admin area :slight_smile:


Hi Marco,

I have to work with the German admin area :). I should actually post in the German forum, but I fear my german ist not that good yet. Still, I will try to, otherwise I’ll get hardly the right answer + bother the people that reply :).