Link on attributes text

Hi Marco
Thanks for the great product
Could you add the url link field on the attributes. For example: I add attribute named SCSI and a link for it When customer clicks on the attribute name the link will opened in new window. This is very useful for computer related e-shops like mine.

Not for it or on it

Sorry for bad English

Hi Ulzii,

one’s English doesn’t really matter as long as it is understandable. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feature request! I found it quite interesting and added it to our “pipeline”. By the way, it could be a nice idea for a community driven module as well as perhaps not everybody would need it in his shop.


Marco Steinhäuser
Community Guide
OXID eSales AG

Is this still in your to do list? Or how can do it myself editing template?:confused: It could be not only link on the text but also could be small picture next to the text with the link.

Hi Ulzii,

we changed the processes for feature requests recently, so I re-entered your’s here:

Let’s see how the votes for it will go ahead.
Nevertheless, I still think it could be done pretty easily: All you would need is a new field in the attributes table of your database, e.g. OXATTRURL.

Now, you could call the value in your templates (admin and frontend) using the shop framework like this:


Not sure if it works, not tested.

Would appreciate if you could share your exprerience here or on tutorials page of OXIDforge. Maybe you want to make an extension of it and upload it to eXchange :wink: