Manual -> Primary settings for payment methods

In the manual for “Primary settings for payment methods” you are refering to this page: Setting up credit card payments. Why can I not access that page? Why are you refering to the page if the common user cant read it? Im in need of learning how the fields of the payment methods work.

I have the same problem as you are with accessing that help page. So why is “Setting up credit card payment” link not accessible?

I need help on this issue:

Is “Add Field” in Shp Settings/Payments Methods actually working - all I get is blank fields??
At the same time I can see allready added fields in Credit Card payment method that one can only delete ??



actually, you are not allowed to store credit card data on your server except you are PCI certified. In the most cases, you will use an interface to a credit card payment provider.
I will let our documentation know about the missing page.