Maximum count of articles in 4.9.2 CE

Now I have 33k product and 60k of variants for them. And i have huge problems while editing products. How I can resolve this problem?

Better hardware


actually it depends on a lot of factors, not only the server environment. Hard to give a general advise for this kind of a question.



there are some Ideas you might want to check. Some of them require deeper knowledge.

[li]In the performance tab, make sure the cache is emptied only on admin logout.
[/li][li]In the performance tab, disable whatever you don´t need.
[/li][li]Be sure MySQL has enough RAM to hold the whole DB in memory.
[/li][li]Check the databases Slow Query Log.
[/li][li]Keep the number of categories as low as possible (try to avoid 100+)
[/li][li]If you can, profile Oxid while saving a change. You might find a slow harddisk or lagging database connection.

Generally speaking you might consider the usage of an ERP software. Oxid´s backend does the job to some degree, but after all it is a shop, not an ERP.