Mod_rewrite problem

hi community,

i tried all suggetions for solving the mod_rewrite problem. i installed new server @debian 5 and suse latest version.
I reinstalled webserver, i reinstalled oxid, i tried a lot of “workarounds” nothing helps.

So, community, how did u solve this problem ?

MOD-REWRITE is installed, phpinfo also says all is fine, so maybe anyone can post a tutorial how to install this nice shop software without having this prob.

thx, greetz rob

Hi Rob,

did you install a Debian Lenny or a Suse? Did you install it locally or do you run a root server? Why did you have to re-install the webserver?

Can you please save a copy of your phpinfo as html and paste it here?


Hi Marco,

i installed it for testing in a vmware server 2.0 enviroment, i installed lenny, u can have a look @ my phpinfo ->

i tried one of the dirty workarounds, changed the return of the the mod_rewrite function in oxsysrequierments.php…then i was able to install the software but now it looks like the shop isn´t very functional, every link is going into “nirvana” :slight_smile:

did a lot of research but it seems thats a “basic bug”, isn´t it ?
i wld like to use this great software but im a little “confused” about this bug, nobody knows a working solution

have to say that im not very great in linux, but always was able to run the things i want to.
also, maybe we can “speak” in german?

Greetz, Rob

modrewrite does not seem to be active.


Loaded Modules core mod_log_config mod_logio prefork http_core mod_so mod_alias mod_auth_basic mod_authn_file mod_authz_default mod_authz_groupfile mod_authz_host mod_authz_user mod_autoindex mod_cgi mod_deflate mod_dir mod_env mod_mime mod_negotiation mod_php5 mod_rewrite mod_setenvif mod_status

mod_rewrite is written in the Loaded Modules Section

in the file error.log -> [Sun Aug 08 15:02:46 2010] [warn] module rewrite_module is already loaded, skipping

so, module is loaded, isn´t it ?

ok, solved the prob, the error was that AllowOverride was standing on deny.

i have the same problem too. mod_rewrite is installed but i cant install the shop.

i run openSUSE 11.3 in VMware


dont know what to do, need help

edit: fixed

/etc/apache2/default-server-conf and changed: AllowOverride from “None” to “All”

Above suggestion didn’t work for me. Still comes up as red and it sure isn’t broken. Works on Symfony, Wordpress, Drupal etc.

[B]UPDATE[/B]: had to disable mod_rewrite check of Oxid and upload the .htaccess myself to get it working, see

I’ve run into a similar problem when trying to install OXID CE 4.7.8 on Mac OS X Lion last night. mod_rewrite is properly loaded in Apache but .htaccess is missing in the zip-file I downloaded. The OXID installer indicates that mod_rewrite is not working which is true from the installer’s perspective but the issue is that there is no .htaccess with the proper rewrite rules.

After creating .htaccess with the content from the installer shows mod_rewrite to be working and the installation completes without any further problems.

the file is not missing but hided in your OS - please enable to show hidden files

and do not use the (old) .htacces from your link as the contents have changed since then - please use only the original file from download package

Hebsacker, you’re right. I unzipped the downloaded file on the command line and indeed, the .htaccess file is present as it should.

The issue I ran into was caused by me using the finder to extract the archive and then move the folder to my apache doc root. This is strange though as I would assume that if I move a folder in using Mac OS’ finder, it moves all of its contents, whether they are visible to me as the user or not.

I guess that is the penalty for not using the command line - thanks for your hint.