Moderna Responsive OXID Template

Zinit Solutions Gmbh is pleased to announce you the release of a fully responsive and in the first instance mobile-optimized template for your OXID Onlineshop. Basing on our experience and knowledge we have developed the most advanced and modern template on the market for professional usage with Oxide Shop CE, PE, EE – Moderna Oxid Responsive Template!
Moderna stands out from the crowd and is neutral at once, so it is a perfect fit for jewelry, sport, fashion stores and is a good framework for developing a modern responsive template for any other store.
But not only modern and eye-catchy design is important. Page speed and overall performance greatly increases due to innovative Image optimizer implementation.

You can choose from a variety of color tones – from classical red, black, orange up to light lavender, deep blue, freshly cut grass (or deep green).
[I]Best Practices[/I]
SEO Optimized
Responsive and user-friendly
Cross OXID compatibility
Simple adaptation
Fully support of all standard OXID features
Cross-browser compatibility
Mobile and tablet compatible

  • Overall site performance is greatly increased thanks to the Image Optimizer module
    When the module is activated for mobile devices, the loaded images will be smaller than those, that are loaded for large screens, which increases the page speed. According to our tests, the performance of the site has tripled after the integration of the module. The module takes into account not only the parameters of the screen,
    but also the density of pixels, so you can be sure that the server will return the right image.
    [I]Ready to use[/I]
    Simple installation and configuration


  1. What about the updates?
    You’ll get free of charge updates in 3 months after purchase. After 3 months, 10 % of the regular price will be due.
  2. Which modules do I get purchasing the template?
    You will get all the modules which are used in the standard OXID template. Additionally, you’ll get Image optimizer Module for free. You will be able to install it on your OXID sites.
  3. Is Moderna Template SEO optimized?
    It goes without saying. Our Template is fully SEO optimized for the clients to get access to your premium goods!
  4. I found a bug. What should I do?
    If it happens so, bug fixing is provided by us absolutely free of charge. You will be able to contact our OXID Manager, who is responsible for the issues connected with template support.
  5. My shop runs OXID 4.5.1. Will your template fit my shop?
    Moderna Template is cross OXID compatible. It runs successfully on different OXID versions.
  6. Which technologies are used in development of the template?
    Moderna Template is based on web-libraries. jQuery stands for interactivity, Responsive Design and AJAX. Bxslider is used for tuning and styling and supports the latest trends in web development, such as adaptability, CSS3-animation and flawless work on mobile devices. Cloud Zoom plugin optimizes the process of photo viewing.

Responsive OXID Template with:
You get “Image optimizer module” free of charge. You will be able to install it in your OXID shop.
You get “Slider with clickable zones” free of charge. You will be able to install it in your OXID shop.
If you find the bugs within 12 months after the purchase, the bugfixing is provided for free.
You’ll get free of charge updates for 3 months after purchase. After 3 months, 10 % of the regular price will be due.

We provide you with free support during the first week after purchase. For Additional Support additional costs are due. Our hourly rate is 35 euros netto.
Individualization after consultation with our OXID manager.
Installation with our help is possible.

To check the innovative OXID Template visit our demo-shop:

E-mail for references: [email protected]

great template …

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[QUOTE=ProudCommerce;176160]great template …

modal popup is not responsive ;-)[/QUOTE]

thank you for appreciating it)

we will fix the popup, we are constantly working on perfection of our template!