Multiple images

I would like to extend the standard 4 zoom images.
I can add new fields in the oxarticle table (zoompic5, zoompic6 etc) but the popup zoom function will only show a maximum of 4 zoom pics…

How can I change this limit?

(I don’t need to add images via oxid admin as they are added and resized with filemaker/superContainer)



Hi Steven,

this parameter is set in config. This quick solution may work:

        $iPicCount = $this->getConfigParam( 'iPicCount' );
        if( !isset( $iPicCount ) )
            $this->setConfigParam( 'iPicCount', 12 );

Set “12” instead of “4” for the number of the pictures to display. This snippet has to be set in, maybe you have to adapt the templates.

Let us know if it works!