MySQL Module

Hi everybody,

I was interested to install th eOxid-E-shop on my server but I dont have apparently the PHP - MySQL-Module for MySQL5.

Does anybody know where I can find it on the net ? I have several modules on my server but I can’t find this one.

Thank you in advance for your precious help. :slight_smile:

Best Regards

Hi Mouse,

maybe the best is to turn to your provider and ask him about the PHP-MySQL5 module. As you do not have root access to your server, you maybe do not have a chance to install it by yourself.


Hi Marco,

I have my own hosting company and i never heard about a PHP module that is mysql modul.

I am installing several modules on the server for clients but never this one… and even a search on the net doesnt give me a result.

So if you can help me finding this modul somewhere I would be more than happy.

Best regards


you may have a look at any phpinfo() file and find the entry I attached to this comment.

To install it on a Linux System like - let’s say Debian, type

apt-get install php5-mysql[/quote]

Hope you know what is meant ;)

Thank you Marco,

This is what I thought. MySQL Module is already installed BUT it is the version 5.0.37 which seems to give trouble to Oxid e-shop.
I will updgrade this version and try again.

Best regards and thank you for your very fast answer and your precious help.

Mouse :slight_smile: