Net price on checkout is wrong

Hi guys,

Seems to me there is an issue with net prices calculation in checkout form.

In the settings option “Product and Gift Wrapping prices entered/displayed in Admin are Net Prices” is checked and “Calculate specific VAT for countries only in Shopping Cart and Checkout” also checked.
I have some products with price $30 net. This price is displayed on product pages and listings.
VAT is 8.75%
I add 6 products in my cart and get total net price $180.03

Any ideas how this can be fixed?

what is your default currency setting?

(located here: Master Settings -> Core Settings -> Settings -> Other Settings)

Hi Ray,
Thanks for your reply!
We use only one currency
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must be a rounding difference

when I calculate 30$ x 8.75% it is 32.625$
rounded it is 32.63$

maybe the code-function does not calculate with 3 digits?

I understand that gross values are rounded, thats ok. But I just don’t think it is correct to count then net price back from gross price and get net price changed because of rounding difference.
I understand where this difference is coming from, but it doesn’t look correct to me and I’m not sure yet how to fix it.
I guess round operation should be done at some different stage to avoid accumulation of errors.


I have also dealt with this issue. I would consider it a bug. The code tries to base some decisions on whether or not you enter net or gross values. That is, is tries to base calculations on the true value you enter to avoid rounding issues. However, there are a few spots in the code that ‘forget’ to do this, and default to the gross value. By removing these ‘oops’ lines in the code, you can eliminate these rounding errors. If you want more details, I can dig them up.

Since you are using net values, it may also be worth looking at this post: