New forum site is online!

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We’re happy to announce that our new forum site is publicly available now and looking forward to working with it every day! :sunny:

You should be able to login as usual with your old account with one exception: possible blanks in your user names might have been replaced with an underscore. Also, it might be necessary that you have to reset your password.

The new software (discourse) is much more modern and robust than the old one in a manner of handling, administration, moderation, usability and even concerning its APIs. It will ease our work extremely.

Within the next few months we will continue working on this site, change the one or other option, adapt its appearance and the theme, streamline categories etc. Please let us know in this category if you like it, what still bothers you, what shall we work on etc.

We had to shut down the old forum nearly two days in order to import all threads and posts as well as user accounts etc. Also, we had to adjust the first options. Sorry for any inconvenience!