News / Blog / et cetera for oxid open source


does someone know an easy to integrate news / blog system for oxid? It would be nice to post some news about products.

have a nice day.


btw. i found the “Nachrichten / News” modul of oxid ce, but i don’t know where the publishing site of the news is?




oxid shop hase like that, you may post a news for users.

have a look at that gift-shop here

You may put a message for specialgroups to make special offers or sth. like that. (go to admin >> customer info >> news)

But Dude, get an external blog at or something like that and link to you site as much as youcan, google will love it!

(dont get the idea to setup 10-20 free blogs and duplicate the content, google won´t love you anymore)

get the special tool for the special purpose! Your shop musn´t have blog abilities, this is the machine you make mony with, don´t make a drilling machine hammer your nails in, use a hammer



But Dude, get an external blog at or something like that
and link to you site as much as youcan, google will love it!

Wow really nice idea :slight_smile: thanks

naaaa bad idea ^^

integrating the blog into the website would give u more content and better serps.

beside that the whole shop dont looks professional anymore if you just link outside.

from a serios company u expect something better.

without getting rude: the website there dont looks like a good professional website. more like hobby website.

technical the same. the website is from search engine optimizing point of view just a hobby website.

so dont listen to people which dont have a clue :wink:

btw i would suggest a extra blog software like f.e. wordpress under “” or

onlineshop für gebrauchte büromöbel

Well my guru, spread the word :slight_smile:

Whats your strategy for external link building?

Link-farms? Link Catalogues? Why not use a external blog? If your blog is inside your shop and you want to become an attractive blog, not only about new products but other topics, what will you do? Target more than one shop with that blog?

Listen to me: Lead the people to your products and nowhere else.



we dont talk about fun sites or something. we talk about commerce.

in most cases there are 3 factors in onlineshopping which leads to sells (and therefor success):

  • a good product

  • a good price

  • a good trust -> customer trust you

special the last point here is important. a good made company blog on the same domain is in most cases more trust that a blog somewehere else f.e. to blogspot.

at blogspot for example you find in most cases: private blogs or pornoblogs (no joke)

now imagine yourself: looks a company blog at a porno hosting website like something with high trust?

what would i do:

as i told putting a own blog on the domain with “”. that one on each of my (different shops) and keep these blogs “shop related”. regging a own domain for the whole company to make a company website + overall blog.

  • that gives a lot more trust from customers.

  • more content for each website

  • a more professional look

about external linkbuilding: better having 1000 bl from catalogs than 1 from a own blog :wink: well better having both :wink:

onlineshop für gebrauchte büromöbel