No build folder in flow theme

In OXID version 6.1.5, There isnt any build folder. Where should we add our CSS or LESS ? In OXID version 6.0 there was a folder of build we copied entire flow theme and created our own and named it “Extended flow theme”

But in OXID version 6.1.5 there is no build folder.

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So i just download the file/folder from github. But just out of curiosity why isn’t available when downloading the shop?

I’m not sure if it ever was spelled out, but I’d assume that the dowload version is geared to users to “only” use the shop and don’t tinker with it this much. So the maintainers probably left out a complex tool chain that would only confuse those users. Users who want to tinker with the themes can get the necessary stuff on GitHub, as Steinwebdesign said :slight_smile:

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Maybe they changed this in 6.1.5 as i got the build folder when i was working with version 6.0 :slightly_smiling_face: