No Shipping Methods - Browser Cookie Issue?

The problem of some customers being able to order item ‘X’ and others not being able to order the same thing because there are “no Shipping Methods” established means to me that the customer’s software/browser is the difference.

I further suspect it may have something to do with cookies and whether or not they are enabled or not. The customer who has cookies enabled allows OXID to process the customer’s request, whereas the customer with cookies disabled does not allow the OXID software to work it’s magic.

I am running Oxid CE 4.6.4_49061 and have not updated for a variety of reasons including German/Australian translation and accounting issues plus the PayPal/Credit Card Module that I use (supplied by 6vCommerce) has not upgrade and the new modules of PayPal do not offer credit cards as an alternative payment method.

If my assumption is correct, can someone tell me how I can ‘work-around’ this problem? I am hoping that there may be a simple code transplant or insertion which will make this problem go away.

If you wish to try buying something with cookies disabled, you should experience the problem. Obviously I will not process any sales in case you go to far! :smiley:

I appreciate your time and help.

Grustige - Don


AFAIK it is impossible to purchase when having cookies disabled: usually sessions are written into cookies; shopping cart software can’t work without sessions/cookies.


Herr Steinhaeuser,

It is always a pleasure to see your name when I am looking for replies. :slight_smile:

The precise message is as follows:

Payment Information

Currently we have no delivery method set up for this country.

We are aiming to find a possible delivery method and we will inform you as soon as possible via e-mail about the result, including further information about delivery costs.

If you agree to this procedure, please select “move on to next step”

If it is not cookies as I first thought, what do you think it could be? The most recent case is for a customer who placed an order last month successfully but when he tried to do so this time he got the above message.

I suspect there will be a lot of trial an error debugging, but if you can point me in the right direction… I would be appreciative. (There are numerous entries in the archives - where to start?)



Try this:
A shipping method is displayed if the customers country is assigned, a matching rule is assigned, and a valid payment is assigned. If a customer was able to place an order one time, but not the other time, and nothing was changed, it might be no matching rules, because payment and country are probably still the same. For example there might be a rule “$0-$20” assigned, but you forgot to assign the rule “$20-$100”, then he could buy something that costs less than $20, but not anything more expensive.

So first thing you can try is to install said debug-module and recreate the basket of the customer. If you don’t get the error there are some modules available that allow you to login as the customer (e.g. and try again.

Thank you for the tip.

The Delivery Check Set was useful in working out where there was a problem or more correctly, when the problem was fixed.

I would like to suggest a new area, perhaps called “The NEWBIE Tool Box” where software or links to Software/Code like “deliverysetcheck” could be stored.

I know now that the GitHub is a great place to look for things but it is huge and if you do not know what you are looking for.

Moderators could sort the tools from time to time to reflect the needs of the Newbies.

What do all the Moderators think?

Nice idea, Don. There are plans to integrate a catalogue of all available modules into the new - not a quick task though :wink:
And it is definitely a good idea to get single posts (modules) tagged like proposed.


[B]All[/B] available modules might be too many for the average Newbie Marco.

I was thinking that the Tool Kit be for Beginners but perhaps there could be a staged menu for Beginners, Intermediate and Experienced Newbies.

After all if I sign in correctly, (not as I have done here), you’ll note I have a fair few posts and am credited as a Senior (old) Member

Congratulations, Senior Member :slight_smile:

Slight misunderstanding: all Modules can be tagged, flagged or however one would call it. If we tagged some of these modules as relevant for Newbies, there are possibilities to display them filtered in a separate place. For example, I did the same recently with all security bulletins out of the bunch of blog posts :wink: