Not wanted Shipping Address field in Invoice PDF - bug?

When modifying an order’s BiIling Address in Oxid admin and saving modifications also Shipping address is somehow created even if it was not “touched”. Default salute title MR is created in the database. In PDF invoice created after I get Shipping Address field with default salute MR which is annoying.
Maybe there should be an empty default salute title and en empty salute title to choose beside MR and MRS.
Is it meant to be like this or it is a bug?


does not make sense to me, to create an empty shipping adress…

Is this the same case in demoshop?

When editing Users [B]Billing [/B]address in OXID admin there is always Shipping address on the right side of the screen.

After saving edited[B]Billing [/B]address you also get not empty [B]Shipping [/B]address (automatic salute title “MR” is filled in).

The result is that when creating PDF invoice the fields with “Shipping Address” and “MR” are printed out.

Is this proofed in demoshop? Same behaviour?
Then I could add a bug to the bugtracker.

I’ve tested it on CE 4.4.7 and 4.5.3.
Please note that this is happening when editing orders data (eshop Admin: Administer Orders/Orders/Addresses) and [B]not[/B] when editing users data where billing and shipping addresses are edited in different windows.