OSS regulations


Do You know if any changes from the OXID side will be implemented in relation to OSS regulations? Modernising VAT for cross-border e-commerce | Taxation and Customs Union

Thank You in adavance,

there is already another thread in german language about this: Änderungen im USt. Recht der EU zum 01.07.2021

What do you worry about or what do you really want to know. In my opinion, there are many different ways to handle it and not the “one way” you can follow. So you better think about how you want to solve it and look for a module for this way.
So it is a very individuel thing, so i dont belive oxid will do anything in his standard.

For a qiuck solution, I think about to keep my regular (german) prices and just to add an additional percentage delivery charge to high VAT Countrys. But it is not a final solution.

Just opened a pull request for EN translations.