Oxid for B2B, requires special fields for orders (e.g. customers order no)


I am currently planning a shop project which aims only on one customer. Means we want to offer our big customers their own webshop, where they find only the products they buy from us with their prices, which are negotiated.
So no one in spite of this one customer is allowed to see and enter the shop.

Now the special thing is that they need an order confirmation including for example an order number of them.
This implicates we have to enable them to fill in a field with this number when the order sth… And the “normal” email a buyer gets after his purchase in a shop must include this number and maybe more special fields.
Moreover they want to get an excel file with this email including relevant data from the purchase.

Is this possible to realize with Oxid. We have skills in php and sql, but are far from being experts.

Or can you recommend another open source shop?

We are glad about any advice or hints!

Thanks in advance

Hello Christoph,

nearly everything is possible. Exept the xls-sheet: You will probably have to send them a csv file instead.
All other special adaptions can be resolved using the module API of the shop. With it, you are able to override nearly every class/functionality.

Or can you recommend another open source shop?

Of course, I wouldn’t in this forum :wink: