OXID in the Amazon Cloud

Following the Oxidforge article http://wiki.oxidforge.org/Tutorials/HowTo_OXID_in_a_Cloud I wanted to give the Amazon Cloud a try for our OXID development enviornments.

First scare I had is, as one should always get, if I’m breaking the German law in putting our code on the cloud (which transends national borders), and if we should be afraid of some lawyer coming after our a**e. Sorry I have less humor for this stuff - makes me feel like coding with handcuffs on! Anyways, let’s set that issue aside.

Is it just me or do others find the EC2 pricing exhorbitant as well?

Also, one of our service-providers uses the EC2 infrastructure and we’ve had several instances of service outage and downright low-grade performance (speed, response-times).

In comparision the VPS machines from Strato 1und1 et. al., or any one of the smaller providers, seems more economical, and probably even performant.

Has anyone used EC2 for OXID (or other web-apps)?


Have a look at JiffyBox, www.jiffybox.de/, easlily scalable, easy to use, reasonable prices, lots of options and until now great performance.

kann stefanm nur zustimmen, jiffybox rockt …

Hey - dass sieht wirklich gut aus.

Möchte auch gern fragen wir euere Erfahrung mit Performance gewesen ist.

Hat jemand JiffyBox für produktive OXID-Shops eingesetzt?


Jiffybox looks quite good!

How has the performance experience been?

And does anyone have OXID-Shops hosted for productive use on Jiffybox?