Oxid Setup Stops in Step4 - Creating Database

Hi People,
I am new and have the following problem during a new Oxid CE Setup:
At Step 4 - Creating new Database, the setup doesn’t go ahead: When I enter the given parameters of the new mysql database as delivered from my provider, the setup stops with the following message: (translated): “ERROR: No Database Connection possible! - Access denied for user ‘xxxxxxxx’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES)” (where xxxxxxxx is the given username for this recently created db).
I tested different things, like “with/without” UTF-8, “with/without” DemoDatabase, deleting and re-creating a new mysql db (with a new password).
So what could be the problem?
Many thanks for any hint!
Kind regards
Oxid Newbie

You have a problem with the rights to access the database. Check this and give the user xxxxx the rights.

Maybe also the path to the DB is incorrect.


Hi People,
many thanks for Your answers!
The problem was that the provider has mysql4 and 5 and I had to install the correct sql version and to add a special tcp/ip port for that mySql version.
Now everything works fine!!
Kind regards