Patch release OXID eShop 4.7.10/5.0.10 published

Hi everybody,

for the legacy series OXID eShop 4.7 (CE & PE) and 5.0, the patch 4.7.10/5.0.10 is now officially published and available for download. Please see detailed information as usual at OXID forge:

[B]Must know:[/B]
[li]This patch already contains SEPA validation, no extra hotfix needed.
[/li][li]New method _handleDbConnectionException introduced due to bug fix #5582
[/li][li]Now only public methods can be triggered from outside the shop framework (#5568, security tweak for module writers)
[/li][li]Against our usual modus operandi, we had to implement some changes at the front end templates in this patch release because of the SEPA validation. Hope you can live with it.


Hi Marco,

in the cumulative packages, there is no possibility to select the 4.7.10 for a update to 4.8.1… can i also take the 4.7.9 package for a update to 4.8.1 ?

Gruß BB

Hi BB,

yes, this is because 4.7.10 was released later than 4.8.1. :slight_smile:
I propose to wait a bit until the end of January when the next patch will be released.