Payment prozess

Hi guys,

i got a problem with the development in the oxid payment process. I wanted to reduce the payment steps from 5 to 4. so i merged the user and payment files. But now i got the problem that the values of the delivery and the bill adresses. Also the values from the payment details that i added to that page are not available in the “order”-step. as a hint i can say that the function “changeUser” in the oxcmp_user.php is not been called.

Does anybody got any ideas how to fix this bug?


check this out:

and search for “getUser”. Hope that helps.


i think i found a hint.

i have to execute two functions directly after each other, which are typicaly execute in a row -> changeUser and validatePayment. is it actualy possible? u selnd the arguments in the form of the payment steps 2. cl=user fnc=changeUser 3.

es there any way to pass a second function to execute after the first?

You can call the other function from the first.

function changeUser(){