PayPal Problem - I am redirected when any product is clicked


Hello everyone,
I have problems with PayPal payment method.
When I am trying to open any product, I am being redirected “index.php?lang=1&cl=start&redirected=1”.

In the error log I am receiving following error:
Function ‘isExpressCheckoutEnabledInDetails’ does not exist or is not accessible! (oxViewConfig)
tmp/dfd3460b176fac6b6327c06a60006025^799299daf83347e4692b0d0579b8203922e6e9d5.file.productmain.tpl.php(1873): oxSuperCfg->__call(‘isExpressChecko…’, Array) …

I tried with:

  • Activation/Deactivation of the module
  • Removing it and Adding to the shop again

But still the same problem appears, and also when I am clicking to Installed Shop Modules (When PayPal module is installed), It looks like in the screenshot:

Thanks for your help!