Price calculation is wrong

version CE 4.8.1
Trying to establish new shop but there are several problems:

  1. Added new currency: MNT@ 1668@ .@ ,@ ₮@ 0
    decimal precisionis set 0, but in front-end it stiil shows 2 digits [B][I](266,880.00 ₮)[/I][/B]
  2. When entering price in parentheses showing not Gross price as says description, but showing number multiplied by 1668. [B][I]Price (₮) 160 ( 266880 )[/I][/B]
  3. When sending price alert letter it’s also calculates wrong. [I][B]The Product WD HDD 2T green you’re interested in and you offered a price of 210,000 ₮ is now available for 333,866,880 ₮ ! [/B][/I] As you see it also multiply current price by 1668.

Please help how to fix it. :confused:

Hi Ulzii, long time no see :slight_smile:

Let’s have a look at the standard entries:

EUR@ 1.00@ ,@ .@ €@ 2
GBP@ 0.8565@ .@  @ £@ 2
CHF@ 1.4326@ ,@ .@ <small>CHF</small>@ 2
USD@ 1.2994@ .@  @ $@ 2

In this case, EUR is the basis currency, all other currencies will be calculated from it by multiplying them with the value given. You’ll probably have another leading currency. Set it to 1.00 and let all others be calculated from this basis.

As for the decimal precision: right, this seems to be a bug:

How was the Mongolian translation growing? Did you see that we set up a translation center in the mean time?

Did you set up some shops in the past? Can we see them, could you send some links?


Hello Marco
Yes it’s loong time. Nice to see again.
Leading currency is US$, but order is different so MNT is default currency.
MNT@ 1668@ .@ ,@ ₮@ 0
USD@ 1.00@ .@ @ $@ 2


  • Front-end translation is finished. Admin part still under way, maybe 40% translated. Will look the translation center


  • Was one but it’s not working now. Current one is still under construction, you can see via Will add more products then it should looks better.

Hi Ulzii,

try it vice versa:
MNT@ 1.00@ .@ ,@ ₮@ 0
USD@ 0.00061@ .@ @ $@ 2

Maybe this is also interesting for you:

Nice to see that. Interesting that you guys use the soft sign in компьютер at this place :slight_smile: