Print new field with oxid vars

Hi toegether :slight_smile:

I added a new field to oxmanufactures and oxvendors. I also display this field in list.tpl. This works perfect :slight_smile:

Now I like to add some html. This works also like that:
[{ $actCategory->oxvendor__oxlongdesc->value|html_entity_decode }]

But now I like to add oxid variables in this field. How can I convert it like oxid does in cms fields. I can’t find any help in start.tpl. :confused:

I want to display this:
<img src="[{$oViewConf->getCurrentHomeDir()}]out/pictures/icon/vendoricon.png" />

Thanks for your help in advance.

Vince :slight_smile:

dont thank just yet :slight_smile: Im not sure you can get much help in here. you might try to google translate it and ask in the german area in here.
Shame i cant help, else i def. would.

edit: the Bump, did the trick below :wink:

save your stuff in a var and then evaluate it with [{oxeval var=$yourVar}]

an example can be found in tabs.tpl for evaluating longdesciption

hi vanilla thunder

thank you it works with [{eval var=$…}] great!!