Problem with :&nbsp in html code, corruptet Description

every time , if there is any :&nbsp in the Produkdescription, the Description ist corruptet at this point where :&nbsp stand…

Maybe I amde something wring for long time, as I import the Database, but how can I correct that now and is this a Bug to, because its not nice, that all Description are buggy, if tehre is this :&nbsp in the html code


[B] [/B]

yes, or I can erase all thats not the problem…the Problem is…sometimes it ahppens, that it there, and I didn’t know it, only my custummers say it to me, that the discription is buggy

do your customer use a wysiwyg-Editor for editing long description, or the standard texarea?
But first, which OXID version is in use?