Product pictures


i’m using the community edition of oxid,but i cant upload pictures of my products.whats wrong?

wrog file permissions, i guess
have a look at the webserver error logs

To upload product pictures, select Administer Products -> Products and open Pictures tab.I dont see the pictures tab

Can you attach a screenshot?

here is a screenshot

ok, thats bad.
does frontend work properly?

click in backend: service -> tools -> “update views”

if it still doesnt work:
it this a fresh installed oxid 4.8.7 or an earlier version being updated to 4.8.7?
if there are entries in log/exception_log.txt. post the last one ( usually 12-18 rows enclosed by “---------------”)
do you have access to the webserver error log?

its a fresh install,its a bitnami oxid stack,im running it on the local host

server log attached

i did the refresh and its working fine now :),danke schon