Reinstalling Oxid

Hi all.
I am trying to reinstall Oxid as I had a problem on my local server and had to reinstall MySQL totally and deleted the test database as well…

I am trying to start a new installation from the first setup page with a newly downloaded Oxid Installation folder with a new name but am getting an error on the server as follows.

‘Forbidden You don’t have permission to access /oxid_eshop/setup on this server.’

What files do I need to remove that are left from previous installation.

Any ideas?


Hi Sean,

actually, the installation routine shall start firing up /oxid_eshop/
If that doesn’t work (apache server miscofiguration?) try this one out:


Hi Marco

Afraid I’m getting the same error with that.

You don’t have permission to access /oxid_eshop/setup.php on this server.”

php is working ok. I have tested it with other php code. My setup is as follows.

Snow Leopard 10.6.2
PHP 5.3.0
MySQL 5.1.41
Apache 2.2.13

Not sure if this makes any difference.



Hi Sean,

If you dont have permission to see your script something went definately wrong with the server configuration. What about other scripts, let’s say a simple phpinfo?

And PHP5.3.0 is probably not a good idea to start with. I am not sure what may go wrong, it is not completely tested yet.


Hi Marcus

Yes phpinfo works as do the few other scripts I have been working on.

I didn’t upgrade to PHP 5.3 myself. It came with Snow Leopard upgrade.

Are you suggesting I roll back to an older version?


Hi Sean,

yes. rolling back would be a proper solution for now. On the other hand - maybe it’s a good idea to install the vmware player and download the vmware including OXID already:

Or you could install Mamp on your mac. So you don’t have to downgrade your Snow Leopard Apache/php-Server.
Mamp has everything included and Works well with oxid.
Ps: its free. :slight_smile: