Render view from module

hey people,

right now I’m almost done with my module, I assume.
From what I’ve seen, i can render views in my function.

So my class looks like this:

class tropaycode extends oxUBase {

    protected $_sThisTemplate = 'page/info/content.tpl';

    public function render() {
        return $this->$_sThisTemplate;

I tried to set the tpl-part in my views-folder of my extension, but it seems like the render-function always starts in the directory of templates. I also tried to setup an absolute path, but that didn’t work. Any suggestions?

Also, since I have to declare it in the metadata.php: is there a way of defining it without the theme-name?
Can I just write

'templates' => array(
        'myNew.tpl'     => 'path/to/my/template/myNew.tpl',


Also, I’d like to replace only my text, if that is possible somehow.
Right now, my view looks like this:

[{capture append="oxidBlock_content"}]
   Thank you for your payment


[{include file="layout/page.tpl" sidebar="Left"}]

Got it:

    public function render() {
        return $this->_sThisTemplate;

even if my encoding seems to be messy… (? instead of ü)