Replacing shipping methods


Sorry to posting too much of stuff but I want to be sure that the way that I am working on OXID is OK.

The thing is, that I want to get some shipping methods from one REST service.
They I want to do it is next:
I extended payment controller and implemented init() function that after parent init function executes I call the webservice which gives me shipping methods in array for example. I want to save these shipping methods to OXID’s database in tables (as far as I know that it’s using it): oxdeliveryset, oxdelivery, oxdel2delset. I think there should be more tables to enable it. So when my function ends, the render is called where it gets the shipping methods from OXID’s database and can normally continue with checkout.

  1. Do you think that this way is okay?
  2. I also want to know how should I know which tables are used for shipping (delivery) methods. I know that I can export the whole database and search it there, but I also have payment methods later, products and so on. So I just want to find the easiest way to find it.

Thank you very much again!

At least you’ll have to connect a payment method. That should work in current version for the method to appear.

Ok thank you!
Maybe I’ll post something more when I will be stucked somewhere.