REST API for oxid eshop


Hi, Is there any way to externally access the content of oxid eshop. Is there any REST API providing, I have to develop a mobile app for the eshop, is there any help available for developing the app.


Hi lekha,

Shoptimax provides a solution for REST calls to the OXID eShop.

You can find it on github:

A corresponding blog post can be found here:

Hope that helps.



Hi Netensio,

the project seems stale. no commits in over 2 years. do you know if this works with the newest version of OXID?

btw, i would have expected OXID6 to provide a native outfacing api. but i cant find any information on the topic in the docs section.



no, it´s not working with OXID6

no, there is no native api wihin OXID6


So, there is currently no solution for OXID6?


If you make oxidjson OXID6 ready - yes! :wink:


UPDATE: habe a look :wink: