SEO url expired


I would like to know one thing regarding oxseo url and tables.
for this I have generated one static url and now I don’t need it for now.
So I have set oxexpired as 1 in DB, but the url is still available in shop and page is displayed if we use this seo url.

So, can you please let me know how this oxexpired field work and how can we set t like that…?


maybe you should better ask this one at the mailinglist dev_general?

Sorry Hebsacker,

But i didn’t get you exactly where do you want me to add this post…?


choose the mailinglist dev_general - there should be more developers reading than here in forums

ok, I have posted their also this post by mail.

But if anyone know this issue then it is also nice to have answer here.


expired means it will be copied to history on update and the entry in oxseohistory will forward the old url to the new one.

Thanks leofonic,

But I am creating seo url manually and in future there for some time i don’t require that url and again need to active it after that.

So, it will be fine if you let me know what i need to store in oxseohistory and update in oxseo exactly…

Because for one existing seo url I have set oxexpired field to 1 and with same oxobjectid and oxident I have made entry in oxseohistory but still it is accessible.