Set back database result internal pointer ?

Hi there,

I have a db query the result of which I’d like to use in two separate processes.

$oDb = oxDb::getDB();
	$rs = $oDb->Execute( $query );

$this->processOne( $rs ); 
$this->processTwo( $rs );

Question is how do I set back the db result resource to point to the beginning of the result set after the first function went through it? I have tried mysql_data_seek($rs, 0) which says $rs is not a valid resource type, fair enough it’s an object containing the resource, then i tried mysql_data_seek($rs->resultId, 0), which didn’t end up throwing an error but didn’t do nothing either.
I’m thinking about just looping through the result and getting all records into an array and passing that array to both functions, if I can’t find out how to rewind, but I thought, it must surely be possible…

Not familiar with adodb but it should be


than youuu :slight_smile: