Shop Giving Error missing function "isExpressCheckoutEnabledInMiniBasket" When Paypal is deactivated

Hi Everyone,

I installed a oxid shop with version 4.9.1.

I activated the paypal module and every thing is working fine for me.

But, when I deactivated the paypal module every link in my shop redirecting to start page and I found an error in exception log stating missing function “isExpressCheckoutEnabledInMiniBasket”.

After deleting all the contents in /tmp folder, all links are started working again.

Can I report this as a bug or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.

you should always clear tmp/ after enabling and disabling modules

Thanks Vanilla!

Actually in the recent versions, there are API calls which can be invoked from the metadata.php during de-activation of the module to clear specific templates.

We’re documenting it here:

Best wishes!

This behaviour was already reported to the bugtracker.