Shop went down language issue

Hello Everyone,
I have a big problem. I added a new language in master setting->language from backend and the backend of the shop went offline.

How can I recover it? please help.

After added a new language in Admin you have to click the button “Update DB Views now” under Admin → Service → Tools

yes. but the backend got offline before i could update the DB views.

Then you have to restore your backup and to check was wrong e.g. in error logs.

There is no way except restoring the backup?

is there any other way to update db views? maybe from the database?

That cannot be answered via the forum. Since nobody knows your specific case, you can only solve this yourself or another programmer who has access to the server.

Yes but I do not know how to solve it and I do not have any other programmer to assist.

can i try to delete the language from database? in which table can be the newly added language?

Try $this->blSkipViewUsage = true;



You could try adjusting $this->blSkipViewUsage = true via to come back into Admin

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Thank you. You are a life saver :smiley:

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Thanks so much

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This is not that easy to answer, the addition of the language may have caused more damage.

The languages ​​are stored in the oxconfig database table.

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