SOAP API SearchPlugin


my problem i have installed the ERP Modul (Version 2.14.0) in my Oxid Shop.
Now i want to use the ERP plugin plugins/oxsearchplugin.php.

I wrote a little SOAP Client which looked like that:

        $auth_client = new SoapClient(
                'soap_version' => SOAP_1_2
        $sid = $auth_client->OXERPLogin(
                'sUserName' => ADMINUSER,
                'sPassword' => ADMINPASS,
                'iShopID' => SHOPID,
                'iLanguage' => LANGID

With this call i can get the $sid

now i want to call the SearchPlugin like that :

        $user_status = $auth_client->OXERPCallPlugin(
                'sSessionID' => $sid->OXERPLoginResult->sMessage,
                'sPluginName' => 'oxSearchPlugin',

I can get into the plugin but how can i add custom parameters?
The description in the WSDL file says the parameter must be a type=“tns:ArrayOfOXERPType”

Anybody an idea?

Did you read the module documentation? If there is no answer, you need to ask oxid esales support, since this forum is mostly for eshop community edition and free modules.