Sub categories ditched and other changes in our forums

Hi everybody,


for the sake of a better overview and because subforums of forums are outdated, we decided within the circle of mods here to ditch all sub forums. Instead, we want to work more with tags over here.

The following categories will remain:

  • OXID Announcements -> in English, no comments allowed, only important information like new releases, security issues etc. Subscribe to this category to get announcements via e-mail.
  • English Forums -> Requests, incitements and answers to all OXID topics in English. Open for everybody.
  • Deutsches Forum -> Requests, incitements and answers to all OXID topics in German. Open for everybody.
  • Русский Форум -> Requests, incitements and answers to all OXID topics in Russian. Open for everybody.
  • Wiki -> Presently, only Admins and moderators have write access. Important and collected information AKA FAQ.
  • Site Feedback -> Requests, feedback but also changes at OXID run sites, not only this forum but OXIDforge, eXchange, bugtracker etc as well.


  • mandatory from now on for every posts/thread. However, it is enough to choose the own language.
  • All sub categories in English forums have been moved already. For sub categories in German, there’s still a lot of manual work to do, following step by step.

Working with tags

  • Post of the moved sub categories have already been tagged.
  • Please use existing tags if your topic is fitting.
  • You’re allowed to use new additional and individual tags.
  • Please use tags to describe your incident precisely and determinable from a first glance.
  • Five tags per post and 20 characters per tag allowed.
  • Tags ordered alphabetically in listings.

Additional changes:

  • Automatically generated posts, for example, posts from OXIDforge don’t show the “show more” button any longer. On the one hand, this is important for an SEO point of view, on the other hand we dedicated that smaller posts showed the cookie note instead of the real extended content <-- totally stupid. If you find that the topic is interesting for you, please use the back link to OXIDforge. Also, this forum can be used to leave comments on a certain blog post and to get in touch with the author of it.
  • All Forum posts and answers on them are posted automatically to their own Slack channel, where there are Freelancers, other OXID devs, members of the PS team and core devs are reading along. We hope to raise engagement and the reply times with this in the forums :wink: