The Payment authorization failed. Please verify your input

I am using Oxid shop Community Edition 6.1.4
Under the Payment methods i have activated the “Kreditkarte” option and i am now seeing the option to choose from MasterCard or Visa on checkout.

I tried using fake data for testing purposes, it gave me error "The Payment authorization failed. Please verify your input"

I tried using my legit real mastercard information it still gives me the same error.

What could possibly be wrong? This is the core functionality of shop. Maybe i not configured it properly?

Any leads guys?

Maybe new payment rules for credit card the reason why your testing failed…

Thanks for the reply but this is not helpful. I downloaded the pdf and tried reading but there are too many abbreviations which i dont have any knowledge about. Can you point me in the direction as what might be the problem?

Because shop version is latest, and mastercard information is real and valid, still it gives me the authorization failed error.

check payment module logs

First you have to sign a contract with a payment service provider e.g. PayOne Kreditkartenzahlung

Then configure e.g. the PayOne module with your contract data.

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Sorry if i am asking a naive question, But i didn’t integrated/activated any payment module, just went to shop payment methods and activate the credit card option and tried checking out.

This is my modules page:

P.S do you mean shop logs? If yes, there isn’t any error regarding payment or something.

This isn’t how it works? The thing i tried mentioned above.

You need a payment provider for processing any kind of automated payments

Now i get it, and with that payment providers will come a merchant account and all that information to process the cards and everything right?

yes, you can start with paypal+
it should be the cheapest/easiest way to receive credit card payments in germany

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Thanks a lot for the information @vanilla_thunder :slight_smile: It really helped. Now i can carry on with the process. I was only missing payment providers.