Update 3.0.x to 4.x ZIP File - Where to find this ?

Hello all,

found a reasonable instruction / howto for upgrading the old PE to new 4.0.x PE / CE

keep the old templates

also this seems very helpfull to

http://support.oxid-esales.com/versions/ (incl. Upgrade PATCH Files)

remaining question:
where can i get the special upgrade ZIP File which is mentioned in the above instructions ?
“OXID_PE_3.0.4.1_to_OXID_PE_4.0.0.0_xxxxx_PATCH.zip” ?

any idea ? txs and regards

Hi maxmix,

just a short and simple answer:
Please turn to our sales department for an upgrade patch from PE to 4y version.

Marco Steinhäuser
Community Guide
OXID eSales AG

I’m also looking for the file OXID_PE_3.0.4.1_to_OXID_PE_4.0.0.0_xxxxx_PATCH.zip
As suggested I sent an email to the sales department and got a “Software Support- und Wartungsvertrags” from Nadine Gerber but no Patch-File !?

Where else can I get this file ?
Thanks, Rainer

No answer to my question ?
Nobody knows where to get the upgrade patch ?

No answer to my question ?
Nobody knows where to get the upgrade patch ?

You need to contact the support directly to get this update from version 3 to version 4.
As far as I know you need the maintenance contract to get this script.
Marco has answered this before here in the thread.

Other cumulative packs within version 4 are found here: