Update - invoice PDF not working


I performed an update of the shop from CE 4.7.0 to CE 4.9.0, and since then, the invoicePDF module does not let it to be activated - no green “lamp” near it even if pressed activate.
I tried to move the invoice pdf block into the order_overview.tpl file, and now, the invoice PDF block in order overview page however reacts on the activation of the plugin, showing only when invoicePDF is clicked “activate”, but pressing the button does not bring the document. Any idea what could be the case?


Nevermind, found the solution - invoicePDF moved from modules/invoicepdf to modules/oe/invoicepdf, thus there was a conflict. deleting the older one and cleaning temp helped

Moved already in 4.8 :wink:

Thanks for the feedback anyway!