Update-loop on CE 4.4.0

i just ran the “OXID eShop update tool” and it seems that everything went ok. when i log in as admin i get version “4.4.0_28699” which seems OK. also the “UpdateApp”-directory was deleted after this.

BUT: if i go to frontend, i ALWAYS see the “OXID eShop update tool”-page with the “start”-button. where is my shop gone? i did the update with these instructions:

i did everything as described there INSTEAD of updating the templates…

any ideas? thanks!

used oxcheck: everything is fine…
if i use http://www.url…/oxid.php everything works fine. but with the standard index.php the update-screen appears again. is there a UPDATE-FLAG anywhere???


did you clear the /tmp/ directory and your Browser cache?


thanks for reply!
yes, of course. and i also started another browser which was never used before.


had a look at your URL you sent by PM. You copied the files, not the update-folder. So - what’s left and hasn’t been deleted is the index.html which is preferred to the index.php when you open up the front end of your shop.

Simply remove index.html :wink:


oh, oh…
i am in business for years now - and my first look is everytime whether there is a file index.HTML instead of the ending PHP which is mostly used by shop- and cms-software. but this time i REALLY DID NOT SEE it. blame on me.
THANKS for pointing me to this. problem solved. tag gerettet.