Upgrade Theme from OXID 4.10 to OXID 6.0

I am trying to upgrade my own theme from OXID 4.10 to OXID 6.0 but I am getting this error:

[exception] [type OxidEsales\Eshop\Core\Exception\SystemComponentException] [code 0] [file /var/www/html/oxid6/oxideshop_ce/source/Core/Base.php] [line 74] [message Function ‘getShowFbConnect’ does not exist or is not accessible! (OxidEsales\Eshop\Core\ViewConfig)

This is the code in footer.tpl file:

        [{if $oViewConf->getShowFbConnect()}]
            <div class="altLoginBox corners clear">
                <span>[{ oxmultilang ident="LOGIN_WITH" suffix="COLON" }]</span>
                <div id="loginboxFbConnect">
                    [{include file="widget/facebook/enable.tpl" source="widget/facebook/connect.tpl" ident="#loginboxFbConnect" }]

I declared this in theme.php file:

‘group’ => ‘display’,
‘name’ => ‘getShowFbConnect’,
‘type’ => ‘arr’,
‘value’ => ’ '

Maybe the error is because of “value”, but I don’t know what to put there.

Thank you!

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