Use CMS Page as a Category


Hi guys,

I have a really specific requirement for which I am also not 100% sure if it’s possible to make in the OXID shop or not.

  1. Create a CMS page and display it in the category menu (I did that and know that it’s possible)
  2. I have to create landing pages (CMS’s With text and images) and all these new landing pages to be displayed as subcategories (When CMS page is clicked, the landing pages to be displayed as a drop-down - same as categories/subcategories).

Thank you very much in advance!



Thank you very much!!!


Did anyone knows why the CMS is not displayed as a category in the Header Menu in OXID 6.0.3 CE?


wrong configuration


Wrong configuration of the shop, file or configuration of the created CMS page?

Thank you very much in advance.


CMS page.
Just tried this function in demoshop and it works.