User login


i’ve extended the oxid shop with an ajax application. therefore i need to
authenticate an registered user. due to the global dependencies it’s hard
to figure out how to setup oxSession or oxUser. can anyone provide me
an example for this?


Hi elias,

I am not really sure what you did and how, but if I understood correctly you need to handle oxUser object outside the oxid framework? I just could guess that this minimal code needed to init eShop framework might help you:

//the path of fully installed OXID eShop
$sOxidConfigDir = “c:/htdocs/oxtest/”;

function getShopBasePath()
global $sOxidConfigDir;
return $sOxidConfigDir . “/”;

//init OXID framework
require_once(getShopBasePath(). “/core/oxfunctions.php”);
require_once(getShopBasePath(). “/core/adodblite/”);
//now you can fully use the framework
//$oUser = oxNew(‘oxuser’); etc

I hope this helped :wink:


hi tomas,

unfortunately i don’t have the both files you require.

probably the shop version is too old (Enterprise Edition