Is it possible not to show the price including vat on the product details page?

i.e. I would prefer prices ex vat and have vat and shipping added at checkout.



I’m also interested in this. Not including tax and S&H costs into pricing until checkout is the norm in North America. Is there an option in the back-end for this?

Also, can anybody explain what Brutto and Netto prices are relative to the product price entered in the back-end? If I have to extend the code I should probably understand these better.


nope, not possible in the standard CE edition without a new modul

Please search for B2B Modul or “Nettopreise”, there are already exist some.


actually, it is our top rated feature request at
Showing prices in catalogue without tax and adding it during the checkout is the usual behaviour in North America and exactly what we mean (as a basis) as B2B in Europe.
@Sean: AFAIK you re European. Why would you use it the way you mentioned?


Can anybody tell me what the option “Calculate specific VAT for countries only in Shopping Cart and Checkout” does then? This option is in admin under:

Master Settings>Core Settings>Perform.>Enhanced Performance Settings

It sounds like what I want but apparently is not.


maybe this module is helpful for you guys:


I found two admin options that essentially do what I was looking for. They are as follows:

Core Settings>Settings>Other settings>Product and Gift Wrapping prices entered/displayed in Admin are Net Prices
Core Settings>Perform.>Calculate specific VAT for countries only in Shopping Cart and Checkout

I simply checked both of these and, voilà, it [I]almost[/I] works. I say almost because it looks as if a bug allows variants to sometimes escape these admin settings. Variants obey the settings in the ‘details’ page, but most everywhere else they don’t. Since in my case almost all products use variants this is problematic. But for others, maybe this will be helpful.

Regarding this issue, I submitted bug report (#0002231). Will see whether or not it’s legitimate.

Note of caution: Prices in basket are still taxed prior to sub-totals (not conventional in N.A.). But a simple module can be added to fix this (ie. add functions to supply net prices to basket).

Hi Marco,
I checked the link you provided, but can’t find if this module has been completed, and how to download it?
We need TAX for US, calculated per State.

Also, when I click on Countries > Main Tab, only US doesn’t have VAT handling radio buttons. Do you know why is that?


Hello Adnan,

probably best to talk to @spurvis. He’s about develop a “North America Extension” and already set up two shops with it AFAIK.


found it in svn :slight_smile: trying to install…

Yes, if you want to use OXID for the US there’s more to be done than just adjust how taxes work. The module I developed takes care of all that. I’m hoping to publish it next week. If you have any specific questions you can direct them towards [email protected]

Thanks Marco and SPurvis…

@spurvis: I sent you an email with additional questions.