Verrrrry strange problem with seourl

Having the problem at a customer installation, that clicking [B]one specific[/B] category did not result in the product list of products contained in this category (the startpage was displayed instead), I had to debug in my development environment what was the reason for that.

The outcome of this effort was:

the reason was a wrong url-translation in the [B]“oxseo[/B]”-table!

The OXSEOURL of the category was assigned an OXSTDURL like


The part marke in [B]red [/B]was the cause for the problem, as the shop did not recognize the class to process (“alist”).

After deleting “[B]force_admin_[/B]” from the database entry, it worked like expected.

(Searching the database, I found a second entry with this wrong content!)

Then I have searched the whole shop-software for the string “[B]force_admin_[/B]”, but could not find it…

So the question is:

[B]how, the fuck, did this wrong seo translation get created after all???[/B]

Shop-version is 4.1.6, the wrong cat entries are quite new…

hi avenger,

It sounds like a bug. Looks like oxSeoEncoder::_trimUrl() does not performs its job fully. The regexp does not consider missing sid parameter or does not remove it correctly. I opened a bugtrack entry for investigation:

hi everyboy, having the same problem with added string “force_admin_” in OXSTDURL, after changing seo-settings in an article. the trouble is that it was still working and i don’t know why this came yet

everytime i change seo-settings or even just save it the string is added again and the link to the product will return to start page

@avenger: is there any workaround???

today SSL for admin was activated :wink:
-> this bug occurs if ssl for admin is used.

[QUOTE=pixelproduzenten;40148]@avenger: is there any workaround???[/QUOTE]
This should be fixed in the actual Version, isn’t it?

i hope so :wink: … in thise case it was “Professional Edition 4.2.0_23610”